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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 113 - 12/15/05

Dark Summer

Hugo Race, known for his work with Nick Cave's Bad Seeds has teamed up with Marta Collica to form Sepiatone. Race has made ten solo albums with the True Spirit and Collica was with Micevice before. The soft strains of "Greenhouse" are beguiling. Like much of the album, it gives off a cinematic air and has a sweet lead vocal. "Unnatural Fire" is a duet that evokes the work that Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra used to do.

"Ce Dio" with its spooky, haunted mood is an instant classic. This is what creating something new is supposed to sound like. The title track sees the duo create a lovely but unsettling mood. Collica's vocal has a girlish hue that's very effective in this setting. This is a fine record.

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