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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 113 - 12/15/05

The Loch Ness Mouse
Perfect Pop Records

The album was supposed to be reviewed last moonth, but something failed... It opens with "Yolanda" a Steely Dan pastiche, with a solo by session Dan-guitarman Georg Wadenius and all. It's hailed by some as a landmark in Norwegian music history, it seems. Sure it's very clever, but so what? The remaining nine songs are also influenced by American well-produced music, to greater or lesser extent, but with a far more distinct Loch Ness Mouse stamp, to my satisfaction. There are some beautiful melody lines and tender lyrics in here. I'm especially fond of the two ballads "Cargo" and "For You"...

For more in-depth impressions of what 11-22 and The Loch Ness Mouse are about nowadays, I suggest you check out the interview last moonth or visit the LNM home page.

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