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coverpic flag Mare Smythii - Full Moon 113 - 12/15/05

Håvard's hit hut
Favourite records of the year...

Here's the TEN. Not as much 'hits' as in the meaning of or understood by the masses, merely albums that hit me during the year. Mind and body. Maybe not Top of the Pops, but definitely top of my pops. Sufjan is number 1, King of the Year. Fact. The other 9 are crown princes (plus a couple of princesses - Mimi of Low, and Terry of TWP):

Sufjan Stevens - ...Illinoise
Rouge Wave - Descend Like Vultures
Why? - Elephant Eyelash
Tall Grass Captains of Greater Chicago - She Moved Through
The Wedding Present - Take Fountain
Low - The Great Destroyer
Teenage Fanclub - Man-Made
Marbles - Expo
The Impossible Shapes - Tum
Death Cab For Cutie - Plans

Runners up / rookie of the year:
The Capstan Shafts - Demon Dog of the American Park Service

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