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Rosie Thomas
If Songs Could Be Held
Sub Pop

The title of this album (her third) actually says a lot about what's on it. I can imagine this is the feeling Rosie Thomas had when she wrote and recorded these songs, and it's the same feeling she manages to give the listener. But, if you can't hold the songs, at least these songs can hold you up.

Here's sheer beauty. Here's a collection of songs that is so coherent with the singer and so well taken-care of that they don't turn too fragile or tender. You just go along with them, speak to them and listen back to what they have to say. And it's really a nice conversation you're getting in to. 'Cause they're not too persistent and they're not too naïve. They are simply true and full of wonder. Quiet in their ways but not in ways that make them seem resistant to power, 'cause they are truly powerful.

She's been in the company of Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine (touring) and Damien Jurado (on his Ghost of David), and on this album she's teaming up with Ed Harcourt for the wonderful duet "Let It Be Me". I first heard her name through Josh Rouse. So, this lady has some creative beaus that may unsurprisingly turn into a greater following. If your ears are open to beauty I can recommend you this record even if it means you'd have to skip your meals for two days. It will fill you up anyway.

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