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Alice in Stevie Wonderland

The title's a silly pun, but the concept is intriguing. The woman who calls herself Micropixie has made a concept album about life on earth as viewed by an alien. We get a strange ride through her mind. Musically it recalls Björk and maybe an unknown genius like Unwoman. Thus we get the scratchy "Cognitive Dissonance" which recalls dub-heroine Little Annie. A jazzy trumpet meanders while Micropixie speaks in her charming Bristish accent of life choices. The narrator scolds the free spirited alien and asks her to grow up. The concept of an alien on Earth is saying that we're all alien on this planet and that nothing is normal. Which is only my interpretation of course, but normality is overrated anyway.

"Single Beige Female looks back in Dismay" is a dreamy but sharp song. She recalls a less than satisfactory affair. The title track is a philosophical thing. It's also quite groovy.
"Whether you be micro or macro
Whether you be system or all
Whether you're an atom or the universe
It's right here you dwell"
, she notes elsewhere.

This album is weird but it tells (a) truth.

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