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Through the retro-scope:
Anniversary Album of the Moonth

The Beatles

This is a piece in a series of 12 Luna Kafé desserts, presenting a dozen of records celebrating their 40th, 30th, 20th or 10th birthday this year 2006. I've chosen three out of each "class". Classics, milestones, favourites. You name it. Some among the global masses, others maybe in smaller circuits only. Maybe we could group them under the moniker "Pet Records" - to re-name one of the many 40-year-olds of 2006.

It just had to be Revolver to be the first of the celebrated. Funny thing, to have a personal favourite - and such a classic indeed! - being recorded and released just around the time yours truly was born. The recording sessions for Revolver started April 6th 1966, and the album was released (in the UK) on August 5th.

Being one of, if not the most influential pop/rock record of all time, all there's to be said or written about Revolver, is, in fact, said and written. Anyway, Revolver's got its barrelful of bullets. From its riffy opener, Harrison's "Taxman" (one of three Harrison-penned song), via the tristesse of the happy sad "Eleanor Rigby", the tender and caressing "I'm Only Sleeping", the Eastern mystic of "Love You To", to Paul's soft, but yet charming "Here, There and Everywhere", the childish and slightly annoying/charming (your choice) "Yellow Submarine" (Ringo rules!), and the splendidly controlled energy of "She Said, She Said".

The sunny and cheerful (and slightly too happy) "Good Day Sunshine" opens side 2, and it is followed by John's tough "And Your Bird Can Sing", John's mild and beautiful "For No One", and, again, a tough John song, "Doctor Robert", into the trademark George song "I Want to Tell You", the cocky and brassy "Got to Get You into My Life" (yet another happy Paul song), the psychedelic, verycircling, dizzy and trippy "Tomorrow Never Knows". And the rest is history. Enjoy. Once more. And again.

One last thing: I dare you imagine the strength of the album if they'd included the single as well: "Paperback Writer", and its b-side, "Rain".

Congratulations, celebrations, and jubilations, Revolver!

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