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The Plaintiffs
La Familia
Career Records

Singer and songwriter Joey Kline has made a strong record with the Plaintiffs. La Familia seems to be songs of life's darker side. "Final Chance" is as dark as they get.

Kline sings of desperation and despair. It's exquisitely tuneful with it. "One Eye Open" deals with paranoia and has a nightmarish pace. Its quasi-ska beat works for it too. "Swell" is poppy but aggressive, with Kline punning "It was swell, but the swelling has gone down" over a raucous backbeat. The deeply disturbing "Skipjack" is an odd song. Kline sings like a man possessed of a murderer. Elsewhere he fakes a croon and wonders if he'll ever get away with anything. On this evidence he will. The Plaintiffs are in session your honor.

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