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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 115 - 02/13/06

Drifting in Circles

Dafni's music is jazzy and melodious, but she's not without tricks up her sleeve. "Blue-Eyed Boy" is a sweet song with an almost forties-inspired instrumentation. She turns up the heat on the Flameco-ish "Dance". It's clearly inspired by Spanish music, but takes its own little detours with it. "I wanna feel your breath against my skin" sings Dafni sensuously.

"One Day" is a playful ditty that looks to the past for inspiration. "I Don't Mean To Disappoint You" sounds a little French, possibly it's because of the accordion. Dafni's singing is loose and lovely. "Cheesy Love Song" is anything but. It's moving and beautiful. Dafni's a true singer and this is a great record in all its varied moods.

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