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Psycho Nubs
First Human Beings To Die On The Moon

Psycho Nubs are a punk duo consisting of Brandon Owens and Nick Shadle. Their relentless riffs and energetic delivery ensures that they manage 20 songs in less than forty minutes. They come across as the real deal, not some fake MTV-punks. Not surprisingly they've penned a tribute to the Ramones called "Johnny Kicks". Not a ballad of course. It's got the cartoonish lyrics and the feverish tempo to match:

"Johnny bit the bullet you see, Now he resides with the devil and Dee Dee" they sing. (so where's Joey? Heaven?)

"Yesterday Eyes" is a song of love lost in the usual breakneck speed. "State of Hate" unflinchingly disses racists and who but one of them could fail to shout along approvingly. During these 20 songs the band pace their efforts evenly with their amps at eleven and their sights on the finish line. I bet they're great live. This record is ample proof that the spirit of punk is still alive somewhere.

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