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Emmaline Muchmore
Just a Cherry
Unknown Alloy

Emmaline Muchmore follows her promising debut with a strong new record. The groovy "Coming up for Air" sees her singing sensuously to a techno beat. The aptly titled "siren Song" is an eerie composition in its starkness. It sounds like a softer Goldfrapp. "Special" is Muchmore's answer to Blondie's "Rapture". The white girl rap thing is done with gusto.

"Jimmy's Gotta" is a country rock song done well. She's quite a chameleon. A cover of the Lee Hazelwood song "Sundown, Sundown" with the singer doing Nancy Sinatra's bit and her collaborator Todd Mikkelson filling Hazelwood's cowboy boots closes the album nicely. She's taken the best elements of her debut and developed from there. This album is very nicely put together.

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