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Ms. John Soda
Notes and the Like
Morr Music

It took me a long time to get up the courage to write this review. When I first put this record on, after loving Ms. John Soda's No P. or D. for 3 years as one of my absolute favorite albums, I could do nothing but sit back in an awe, even from the first familiar melody I had to just nod along, tears welling. There's something about hearing from someone after 3 years and finding them doing so well, having grown and changed so much, yet so beautifully their old familiar self. It didn't allow my attention to break until the end of the album. Notes and the Like is an album that gets better with each song, and those are extremely rare.

This is a really early review, Morr hadn't even put this up as a new release on their site at the time of this writing, but I just want the beautiful Luna Café to be among the first to start a big huge wave of excitement about this album. Hey, you know I bet Anna Maria Stjärnell is interested in reviewing Notes and the Like, and I hope she will. And I hope you all hear it. Let's send Thomas Morr all our love.

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