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coverpic flag Japan - Full Moon 116 - 03/15/06

The Polysics
Now is the time!
Tofu Records

Japan is apparently going through its soda pop and bubble-gum spaz punk period. It's a dark, digital age where 17 year olds are rejecting shanghai tradition. Therein, the Polysics have been the eastern translation for the "enter DEVO" stage cue in the American art punk terminology. After 15 songs and four bottles of Aderoll, even the Digimon kids are bound to be exhausted.

Just like their yellow jump-suit clad parents, they know when to rip off their ancestors, David Byrne and his RISD elites. "Ah-Yeah!!" takes the tribal, jutting, guitar riff of the Talking Heads' "The Great Curve" and accelerates it to a rabid jam. Boundless energy and stop-on-the-dime dynamics keep Now is the time! lively and worth repeated listening.

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