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Belle & Sebastian
The Life Pursuit

This is the sound of a band everyone has loved. They're starting to grow old, and with it naturally comes over-blown production, loud drums, and increasingly not-very-weary lyrics. It's odd, kind of the opposite of the recent Mogwai album, a 90s giant who manages to sound fresh now.

I dunno. I've tried but I can't even listen to this. My opinion probably sucks on this one, but I feel I should still say something, because I am still a Belle & Sebastian kind of guy.

But hearing it in the record store the other day, it just didn't really affect me. Then I put it on later while I was feeling deeply bad, which used to be really the only time to put on B&S, and it didn't work very well then either. I just ended up moving on to another record, which isn't very hard these days, what with the computar boxes and all.

Perhaps The Life Pursuit isn't made for the same type of person B&S's older music was made for. I'm sure there are plenty of Old Fans that will truly love this, but I don't believe I could count myself as one of them. There's just too much else going on in music right now.

My assholeish review notwithstanding, the critical reaction to this has been quite warm, and hell, it is Belle & Sebastian, so why not let's make it a L Kafé recommendation. It's just one that I probably won't listen to much in my headphones.

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