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Kelley Stoltz
The Sun Comes Through EP
Sub Pop

People always complain about the voice in this particular type of hip underground music. It's too stylish, or seems fake. Or they say it's a ripoff of classic rock greats. And they're right. Usually, they also acknowledge that every other aspect of a "hipster rock band" like this generally sounds really good. Creative guitars, great production, etc. But the true nature of a rock band always seems to come out in the singer more than anywhere else.

Kelley Stoltz reminds me of a band my indie-rocker-since-the-mid-90s, moved-to-new-york-after-"college" friend might really imagine is good for him. Check this out: there is a passage in one of these songs where the band plays major scales, like back in concert-band class. Scales! How often do you hear a full major scale played on an album. Not very often. And then they play this old creepy parade marching band sample. Creepy and Nerdy all at the same time. That's pretty awesome.

This, like The Arctic Monkeys album, seems pretty great for impressing some unsuspecting young hipster boy or girl. And maybe not much else. Hell, I can tell this band is some awesome, fun people, and like always I say support this shit live. But I dunno if The Sun Comes Through is a recommendation or not.

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