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Charlotte Martin

After having a debut album being swallowed by a label going bust, Charlotte Martin managed to sign with another label and release her album On Your Shore. It was a fine work, but perhaps too slickly produced. This EP redresses the balance. The singer/pianist still recalls Tori Amos, but she's found her own voice. The title track is a suggestively sung, catchy tune. "Under Gravel Skies" hass darkly throbbing bass that leads to an impressively moody song. Martin cuts lose vocally and wails passionately. It's one of her finest works so far.

"Four Walls" takes a detour to the dancefloor, exploring new territory for the singer. "Root" is a multilayered ballad that brings out the best in the artist. Martin's EP is a sure sign that her next album should be marvelous.

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