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The Endless
The Republic of Heaven
Queen of the Moon Music

Adriana Roze and her husband David are the Endless. Their multi-layered sound is just right on this full-length debut. "Pentecost" is a very sweet-sounding track its words describe the end of a life, but they a redemptive force. "Simply Sleep" is a Cocteau Twins-like glide of a song. Adriana's vocals gather speed as she sings of the healing power of sleep. The song evokes Neil Gaiman's work on the Sandman in its mystical vision.

"On The Mend" is wonderfully executed. It's like a song by Jane Siberry in a peaceful mode. "Not a man of God" is an elegiac, wonderfully sharp song. Adriana's vocals sound very Kate Bushean in their wildness. The Endless' debut has depth and grace and should appeal to many.

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