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Parker Street Cinema
Parker Street Cinema EP
Abandoned Love records

This five song EP is the first outing from a rather fresh sounding new band, Parker Street Cinema. Not surprising sounding more than a little inspired by films, this band have shed the normal post-rock set-up of guitars and vocals in favour of bass, drums and piano with some loops and effects thrown in. Not that Parker Street Cinema are content with emulating the mood or the soundtrack to their favourite films (which must be film noir laced with Wenders and Lynch by the sound of it), no they wants to create whole narratives, with the ups and downs, tension and releases, details and epic sweep of a whole feature compressed into four minutes of hard work for the band and bliss for the listener. The dark edge comes naturally for a band where the bass have this role as both fuel for the motor and deliverer of some amazing melody lines. The really interesting feature with PSC is the way all instruments can constantly change between being hard-edged rhythmic devices and procurers of gentle melodies. To pull this of I can imagine some long hours in the rehearsal-space, beating and kneading their small epics into shape. Best track? Maybe "Little Red and Black Circles, Floating", a great little song encompassing everything that makes the band stand out. The melody, the polished roughness, the best bass-line in years, the complexities in the details - everything comes together like a charm. Just perfect.

Residing in San Francisco and released by the just one year old label, Abandoned Love records. A label specialising in new and adventurous pop-bands like The Capstan Shafts, Grumpy Bear, Morning Spy and the Lovely Sparrows. Best of luck to you, you are needed.

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