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Jay Dilla, Jay Dee
Stones Throw

I am glad that I only have the advance copy of this on my computer, waiting until Mark gets a copy of it on record to hear the real thing with him. Jay Dee is someone so many people slept on, and his terribly early death right before this record's release kicked a lot of people into gear. Here we have a Mozart-figure.

I am guilty of sleeping. I had heard the J Dilla beats vol. 3 last year, as well as the Jaylib collaboration. Other than that my only contact with Dilla was through his influence on nearly every producer, not just in the underground but mainstream as well.

His samplework on Donuts shows simple genius. There are so many layers. Each so entwined you seem to forget it's not just one big sound.

This is a record to be cherished and kept. Jay Dilla rest in peace. And may his influence continue forever.

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