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The Twin Atlas
Sun Township
Tappersize Records

Sun Township is, as far as I have found out, the fifth release from this Philadelphia-based duo. The album is mostly recorded "at home", according to the album sleeve - which most of all says something about the high quality of the temporary home-based studio equipment which is available nowadays. The sound and production of this record is namely excellent.

And so is the overall quality of the album. Sun Township is a collection of beautiful pop-songs; some of them very laid-back and almost pastoral (Evergreen, Lost Way Falling), while others (Three Loves, Nylon Test, Current Below) are more catchy and up-tempo - but still as far from the more noisy parts of the pop-scene as you can get.

Many musical references can be named: Nick Drake (but more catchy), Teenage Fanclub (but without distortion), Iron and Wine (well, yeah, but more electric). Characteristic for Twin Atlas is the vocal harmonies, which sometimes reminds me of post-surf Beach Boys, and also the twangy guitar work on some of the poppiest tunes is worth mentioning. And the fact that this ten-piece compilation lasts only for half an hour, means that it's finished BEFORE the listener gets bored. Which suits me perfectly. Check'em out!

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