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Rocky Votolato

Being a singer-songwriter, ie you don't have a band, is arguably the hardest music role to play. It's certainly hard nowadays to find people who truly do it well. People back in the hippie days set the bar so high that to a lot of folks it's pointless to even look for new singer-songwriters. And especially on a label like Barsuk, who is more known for their ultra-sentimental (but often good) softspoken teenage pop music.

I am pleasantly surprised by this release. In a way it's what you'd expect: clear voice and acoustic guitar, good multi-tracked harmony singing, and well-crafted melodies. It seems the hardest part of singer-songwriting is coming upon an originality, and Makers is able to be quite an original sound. Thinking of who it might be meant for, it seems to be talking to a much older audience than say, Death Cab generally speak to. Some people might consider this a disparagement, but Rocky Votolato makes music for adults.

Personally, I probably won't be listening to this one over and over or anything, but it is a certain recommendation. It's obvious that Rocky Votolato is a hard-working musician, and I say kudos and good luck.

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