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coverpic flag US - Virginia - Full Moon 116 - 03/15/06

Lauren Hoffman
Fargo Records

Lauren Hoffman's debut Megaiddo was a marvelous record but a major label still dropped her. Her second album From the Blue House saw her bounce back, integrity still intact. This third effort makes a neat listen, all seductive vocals and intricate melodies.

The dreamy strains of "As the Stars" is reminiscent of Cowboy Junkies. "White Sheets" harks back at the sound of Megaiddo all angular guitars and fast pace but with precision. "Solipsist" is trip hop seen through a spookier filter than usual.

The raucous "Riding in Plain Sight" is catchy and heart-felt. "Love Gone Wrong" is achingly beautiful and proves Hoffman's skills as singer and songwriter. Her third album was long overdue, but well worth the wait.

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