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Destroyer's Rubies

Good old Merge. The only reason to live in North Carolina, honestly. And this here Canadian dramatist has put out a new record on that label. Let's see how these Rubies sound.

We open with "Rubies". [I must confess something. I am quite distracted while writing this review because I'm very worried about someone I care about. I know maybe writing when you're distracted isn't the best but writing a Luna kafé review was all I really wanted to do. It's friday night, and I'm not going to drink. Just smoke some dope and listen to this new record and write some. Anyway that's the disclaimer I guess.]

We open with "Rubies". Rubies is a very long and thankfully intricate song, clocking in at 9:25. Electric Guitar dominating the mix at times. An interesting sound for a new Destroyer record, who has lately been quite found of Keyboard Strings and that kind of thing. Around the 8:00 mark, a bizarre thing happens: this song makes it seem in some ways that maybe Dan Bejar is losing his mind. Hm. I suppose I'd say either I hope I'm wrong about that or that I hope it's theatre. Anyway, we move right on to "In Your Blood".

He reminds me of Bob Dylan here. It's not totally uncanny, but I hear a Bob Dylany sing-speak to what Bejar's doing in track 2. It's good. Unfortunately the song-writing here, which I admit with Destroyer always takes time to grow on you, just doesn't really catch. There are a lot of words here, and they go by pretty fast.

This album certainly needs to be sat down with, you know. Get the CD booklet or whatever and sit with it for an hour and a half. This poetry is devastating, I'm sure.

Or you could just move to the next album in the playlist. Which in my case is the new Anna Oxygen album.

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