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Mott the Hoople
Mott [Reissue]

Like a lot of artists David Bowie rejeuvenated in the early 70s, they sounded strikingly similar to, well, David Bowie. Mott is where the Hoople proved they couldn't necessarily escape him, but could build the bridge between him and the glam inspired arena metal to come. Had Mott come out ten, fifteen years later it might've sounded mildly appropriate coming from Def Lepard or Warrant - minus the piano pop, the Roxy Music styled saxophone breaks, and abject punk guitars from "Violence". Definitely would've been the only Warrant, or DL record, to be taken seriously.

On the more sentimental side of the token, "Rose" is a worthy B-Side for this reissue. Such a heartbreaking piano tune that teeters on gospel power when the choir kicks in - every early 70s band had one, if they were awesome enough. "Hymn for the Dudes" and other folky ballads ("I Wish I Was Your Mother", "Ballad of Mott the Hoople") are good enough to be outtakes from Dylan's '76 album, Desire - if Bobby D. digged totally rrrradical guitar solos.

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