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Bill Madden
Storeroom Records

Bill Madden is a socially conscious and straight-talking songwriter. "Weight of his Words" starts his new album, describing an individual with no hope. He's not all gloom and doom as "Path of the Heart" offers some comfort. Musically he's usually not prone to big gestures, but he hardly needs them.

"Mother Earth's a mess from pollution and war / Pillaged like some disposable whore / Environment is a newsbyte at best". He sings on the title track, admits buzzing guitars. His fury makes me think of Elvis Costello. "What in the World" consumes the theme, Madden's use of psychedelic touches makes the track somewhat like the Doors. Not that Madden's some preening lizard-obsessed poet, just musically. Madden's understandably unhappy with the state of the world, but he offers enough hope for this to be a good listen.

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