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The Green And Yellow TV
Sinister Barrier
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I was lucky enough to review Green And Yellow TVs debut album a few years back and I must admit I was a bit surprised when this new long player (their third) was handed to me recently. I am probably now the proud owner of Norways largest GAYTV collection...

Not much have changed musically since their first album; their style is still rooted in the 60's energetic guitar oriented rock of The Who and The Kinks with a blend of the multi-layered vocal harmonies of the Beach Boys. They flirt openly with the more dramatic tendencies of Queen ca. Night At The Opera, fortunately without the oompah. This time there is one standout track, the mid-tempo and utterly delicately produced "Don't Let It Get To You" (with a chorus I swear I have heard before) - pure elegance!

There are a lot of contenders in this game and I think there are still a few miles to go for the TV to be up there with Jellyfish, Brendan Benson et al. As such Sinister Barrier is a small step in the right direction though. While waiting for new efforts from Shins or HAL - or Bensons new group The Raconteurs - you could do worse than checking out this one.

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