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Charlotte Martin
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Charlotte Martin relased her first DVD recently. Her EP Veins was a good release, she's now working on a full album. Her debut One Girl Army was shelved when the label went under, but she soon came back and put out On Your Shore a while back. This is my interview with her.

LK: How was the recording of Something Like A DVD?
CM: "It was the most important show to date in my career, so far. I mean, every show is special to me and significant. No two, three or 500 shows are the same. This just happened to be the one I wanted to put on tape and decided that this night was going to be available for everyone's living room. We mixed and recorded the audio like we would any album. The footage is almost documentary like with it weaving back and forth from the show to a photo to fan commentary to footage of Ken and I recording in the studio. The whole process was cathartic for me. I really wanted to take the viewer inside."

LK: Will the next album be anything like Veins?
CM: "The first 4 songs on Veins are in the same er-em, 'vein' as Stromata, kind of. I don't know. You will have to judge it for yourself. I'm way more insane on Stromata in my opinion.but I wrote it's hard to judge."

LK: You've had an interesting career so far. What have been the highlights?
CM: "All of my tours have been highlights.of course the DVD, TV shows.
One of my favorite highlights was playing Eve Ensler's Vaginas Vote, Chicks Rock event at the Apollo Theatre a couple of years ago. I'm a huge Eve fan and adore her on so many levels."

LK: Did the fact that "One Girl Army" wasn't released make you think of giving up music?
CM: "Yes. It was a rough patch for me...but once I accepted it was being shelved I wrote my way out of it.

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