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coverpic flag US - Florida - Full Moon 117 - 04/13/06

The Golden Planes
Grey Hat Records

Gileah sings so beautifully on this record that it could melt the stoniest of hearts. She has an effortless grace and precision to her music too. I'm reminded of Sundays and the Innocence Mission. "Comfortable" is a lovely song with a bewitching vocal. "Be the One" with its simple piano line and quirky feel stands out too. There's nothing unnecessary about this music, all the useless things have been filtered away, leaving only what's pure and simple.

"Medicine" is fabulous, Gileah's vocal hush yearning against a lightly strummed guitar. "Say You Love me Still" is one of those songs that can make you feel all is right with the world. Gileah's album is a reminder of more innocent times. Maybe they never existed but she takes us there when this is playing.

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