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Mates of State
Bring it Back

Neither the critical nor the "in the know" response has been very warm to this album. And of course there are a whole lot of people who already hate Mates of State on some kind of principal alone.

Well, I'm championing this record. I love these melodies and blends. Some of these songs stand up even to Mass Romantic or Guitar Romantic's level of pop-song. This is great songwriting. It's good advice and pop melodies. Who cares if they're married?

It sure doesn't take long to get this stuck in your head. One of the first quarter of the year's better albums, Bring It Back will get its fair amount of play around here. But mostly only friends that don't "know a whole lot" about music will like it. They're generally the more objective ones.

I'll spare you a long description of the album. All I'll say is great pop songs, great playing, great singing. It'll make you feel that way, like Blackalicious said. But only if you suspend any pretense.

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