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Sunbomber EP
Kill Rock Stars

"One More Try" opens with space effects and some lunatic Silver Apples-type singing. There is no structure here really, it's very freeform. Lots of noises and bangs. "Second Chances" continues this basic sound. The problem I'm having with the sound is that it could be anybody with some weird equipment. There's not much of a personality to latch onto here. There are certain signatures, and I'm not saying this is bad music, but I just couldn't devote more than one listen to this. And maybe I'm not supposed to, perhaps one listen is affecting enough. It's the kind of thing that I would absolutely LOVE to see live though. It would make people feel weird out in public and I like it when that happens.

Look for Excepter live and get this EP if you're into noise and very "transcendent" music.

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