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Anna Oxygen
This is an Exercize
Kill Rock Stars

I've wondered what Anna Oxygen sounded like. She's an artist whom I've always heard a lot about, but never gotten around to hearing. And wasn't she on a Microphones record?

Well, if you've never heard Anna Oxygen either, I can tell you this. Snobs probably won't like this. It's the kind of original music that, because of its style, gets easily pegged as this or that. There is a certain classical element to this singing, and a certain old-industrial style to the backgrounds. That's as far as I would try and peg it, just to describe it generally.

Specifically, you'll hear little snippets of truth come out of this. However, it's hard sometimes because of all the classical-vibrato to understand what she's saying. Another one best to "sit down with", CD booklet in hand (assuming the lyrics are even in the booklet).

The first song that really pops out as Great, is "March of Human". That beat, and that Megaman-modulation wheel... and that trumpet, and those woodwinds, and is that a trombone? What sounds! "March of Human" if nothing else would be worth you're time. Funny thing is, it's a short song, and poor Anna doesn't sing on that one!

Well, I'm not saying I dislike her voice or anything, but I dunno. Deep down not my thing I guess. I enjoy what she's doing with her electronic instruments and songwriting a whole lot more than the voice. If you really like ol' Yoko Ono, or maybe even Kate Bush or Cocteau Twins, you'll likely enjoy Anna's voice.

Another snippet of truth sticks out in "Hypertention": "You know you freak me out, but you know I love you in your purple".

This is certainly a good album (exercise) from that label with 50 names.

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