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Pretty Girls Make Graves
Élan Vital

PGMG made one song that I really, really loved. Called "The Getaway", it was on their first album. Such a great guitar part, and just the winter atmosphere, and how it brings back memories.

she said she'd like it to snow
the same way it did in upstate new york
he'd never make it back home

and he said and he said
i never wanna go home
massachusets, michigan, i don't know
just as long as it's us

that's all that matters
you're all that matters

well i know that you stole
a box of pills and a little gold
from your parent's drawer

and she said and she said
how far will it scatter us from here
and i don't wanna talk about what's back there

yeah we can never go home
yeah we can never go home
yeah we can, and we can
yeah we can never go home

The rest of that first album was pretty good too. I got to see them live on their 1st tour, and that was really great. But since then I've been waiting. They went through a whole second album, which just didn't get me, and now they have this new one and I can't even get through the 1st song.

Damn it, why can't they prove Hampton wrong?

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