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coverpic flag Denmark - Full Moon 118 - 05/13/06

Marvins Revolt
Fell in Love with Tanks and Satellites
Quartermain Records

Danish quartet Marvins Revolt presents "a solid rhythm section delivering a heavy backbeat and two two guitars churning out melodic chords on top" according to their press sheet, which "is not a new idea [to rock]" they add wisely enough. But for Marvins Revolt (MR) it works quite well.

MR claims they're "pushing the sound barriers of rock, with nods to Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine and Shellac". Quite fitting. Their in the noise rock division, crossing the border to new wave territory. The rhythms are indeed tight, and the guitars' riffs and melodies undercover, overcoat, penetrate, and merge with the beat patterns along instrumental stretches as well as the shorter lyrical parts. They four danes might be more inspired by Anglo-bands, especially the vocal parts. But when it comes to the 'new new wave' song parts, they're almost hooking up with retro bands like, say, Interpol - even maybe the some years older Girl vs. Boys (even though Interpol is a way more conform, "straight forward" band, than both MR, as well as GvsB). It's just something about the vocals. Doomy, gloomy, sort of the Ian Curtis way of singing and sounding.

Marvins Revolt's debut holds 11 tracks, and even though they're not doing groundbreaking stuff, they've got a little something in there. Nicely done, lads. Maybe you should've had a couple more sparkling songs making things sound a bit more spceial, even extraordinary. But, by all means, this is a more than decent debut.

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