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Southern Lord

Bob Allen is closing the planetarium.

Well, I guess that's not completely true - The Space will still be used for Astronomy classes at the University and they'll probably still schedule an occasional public program.

But sadly, there will be no more rock shows up behind the stars.

I'm not talking about Laser Floyd, or any number of trippy light shows set to classic rock records. Sure, Bob did those too, as all planetarium directors across the country have succesfully done since the 70s to generate more interest in the stars and science. Bob called his, "Album Encounters".

Nope, I'm talking about a real live rock band. Set up in the rafters behind the dome that reflected the heavens. Booming down on its small, reclining audience like Thor, Son Of Odin - God Of Thunder. Freaking out the freaky people - the kinda freaky people who would go to such a thing.

Lotsa high hipsters, oohing and whoahing and licking their lips from cottonmouth. Bob behind the control board in his bandana, giggling like a child. He really loved his work with stars and was intense and passionate about Physics. I can still picture him lecturing in my physics class in the 80s, pacing back and forth in front of the class, tracing his long hair behind his ears with his fingers as he marched and ranted.

Well, Bob is returning and retiring to Florida. And with him ends an era of magic and visions. An auditory sensation that rivals any rock and roll experience I've ever had. Dude.

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