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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 118 - 05/13/06

Bonk Against Nothing
Racing Junior

This is the second long player from the Norwegian pop-rock-punk band Bonk. Their first attempt was hailed as a perfect debut in 2004. They started out as a duo, but are now four permanent members. It seems that we are dealing with twenty something kids, when it's almost twice as old blokes. They have been in different bands since late eighties.

The first thing that I can distinguish from the first album is the superior production on this album. When it comes to the songs, they start off were they left us last time. Fast, loud and they use mixed voices!! I was a bit afraid that their lack in singing qualities would be their pitfall, but here it's just apparent in the quiet parts and especially the song "Everyday". They are also using saxophone, which makes the song "Young Men" sparkle. "The Homecoming" is the first single from the album, which must have been hard to pick. There are no obvious singles on the album, but that is no problem with such strong concept.

I'm happy to say that Bonk has something fresh to offer thirsty rock audiences around the globe. It's 37 minutes long, a bit longer then their debut and far better.

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