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flag US - Washington - Full Moon 118 - 05/13/06

Invasion Warning / London Mix / Proximity
Feste Productions

coverpic Interkosmos is the electronic project of composer and musician Christopher Ferris. These three albums, all released in the last eighteen months, demonstrate his considerable skill with arrangement and melodic development.

coverpic While the particular flavour of music on offer across these 26 tracks is not normally my cup of tea - probably best described as ambient techno - I reckon I could boil these three albums down into a pretty good chill-out compilation with enough blissful synth washing and burbling noises to get me through even the most trying afternoon. Of the three, I found Invasion Warning has the best ebb and flow and the most satisfying tones and tunes.

coverpic My main criticism of the music would probably be that once each song kicks off there aren't many surprises, and some of the sounds he uses are a little cloying. While I don't like to veer too far in the Aphex Twin direction of virtuoso weirdness, a little contrasting and exfoliating texture in there would help the undoubted smoothness of the sound really soothe. Perhaps then Interkosmos might live up to the subtitle 'Audio Welding' that accompanies the CD art - get a bit more reckless with the blowtorch Chris and you'll be onto something.

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