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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 119 - 06/11/06

David Anderson
Smellykat 4.0

Picture the scene: you live in Ottawa, Canada and you're having your piano tuned by professional piano tuner David Anderson. He tunes your piano, professionally of course, and the instrument sounds great. You get talking and the conversation, predictably, turns to music.

David: "As well as being a piano tuner I write music. I play a range of instruments, and I've recorded an album of instrumentals called Collage."

Tim: "Nice. Could I have a listen?"

D: "Sure."

[David puts the Collage CD on. David and Tim listen to a range of tracks.]

D: "So, what do you think?"

: "There's some nice tunes on there, for sure. Your playing is precise and tasteful. It's pretty breezy. In its best moments it reminds me of one of my favourite bands, The Sea and Cake. I'd say tracks one, seven and eight are my favourites."

D: "Fair enough. Any constructive criticism?"

: "Well, I'd say that Catalogue might be a more fitting title for this particular collection of songs - there's a range of slickly produced styles being quite skilfully blended, but there's the distinct feeling that it's more of a demo of your talents than a cohesive album. There's no doubt you've got talent, but maybe your next CD will be the one that I write home about."

D: "Yeah - isn't home for you Melbourne?"

: "It is now. I used to live in England, but now I live in Melbourne, yes."

D: "So what are you doing in Ottawa?"

: "I'm not in Ottawa, except in my head. It's a clever device to make this review more interesting."

D: "Oh. Thanks for reviewing the CD."

: "Thanks for tuning my imaginary piano."

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