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A Punch up the Bracket

Boyracer have been making ungodly fast-strummed pop and sort of punk music for a decade or more now, sliding completely under the rader, even evading the likes of Brian Knox and Chris Hutelmyer. I wonder if this new Boyracer album will be able to reach the teenagery highs of previous efforts.

The title track is first, but it's only 13 seconds long. It's funny; a girl yells unintelligable and fun-sounding things. "The Man the Myth" kind of catches. But I dunno. When songs are under 2 minutes, as almost all of the wonderfully titled 21 tracks are on this record, it had better be pretty immediately catchy. This is something that Boyracer has been pretty good at. "Secret Jokes" has a promising start. And it turns out to be a pretty good song, clocking in at 1:10. The female singer returns to join the male leader in "The Toilets of Northern Europe".

This is well-played and a good idea, but it never really gets to me. This is unfortunate; I really thought this was gonna be catchy. It's one worth giving a try certainly, but for some reason, on most of the songs, gone is the super-fast strumming and catch-you-quick melodies boyracer are really known for. This might be a good move, but I miss it. "A Happy Accident" is a good song that brings back the fast-strum, and it's only 45 seconds long, which is great.

My recommendation is to buy an old Boyracer and hear a higher concentration of the awesome pop-strumming and ultra-catchy songs.

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