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coverpic flag Netherlands - Full Moon 119 - 06/11/06

Telford Mining Disaster
Rodeo Wine
Brand Violet Limited

This is the first time I'm hearing of Telford Mining Disaster (TMD). I had no idea what to expect, but a couple of times in the audio-player, told me that they have something to deliver.

The production feels homemade, almost like they recorded the whole album in one take. It starts off pretty dark and beautiful, dream like sequences fly by in "Rachel Says". Then, some of the songs can be like updated Byrds songs, like "(I'd Do Anything For) a Quiet Life" and "On The Floor", with Rickenbacker 60's riffs, still engaging and catchy. Then there's a country song, which is quite like Johnny Cash "light" in style, "The Ballad of Bill Case".

Back on track they make unbelievably light, down to earth pop pearls at their best. I like their harmonies, as earlier mentioned it feels very fresh and flower power at the same time. Positive vibes come over me listening to this record. Try to get a hold of this record. I cannot say that my promo copy is the same as the one sold in stores. This review holds for the demo record I got hold on.

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