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Through the retro-scope:
Anniversary Album of the Moonth


This is a piece in a series of 12 Luna Kafé desserts, presenting a dozen of records celebrating their 40th, 30th, 20th or 10th birthday this year 2006. I've chosen three out of each "class". Classics, milestones, favourites. You name it. Some among the global masses, others maybe in smaller circuits only. Maybe we could group them under the moniker "Pet Records" - to re-name one of the many 40-year-olds of 2006.

Okay, having a soft spot for old-school hard rock, then [Sabbath, Zeppelin, Purple, etc. - still got all the Led Zep albums]. Back to the 70s, with Aerosmith's riff-boogie, sleaze-rawk, lips and hair, shouts and screams. And, well, the power ballads - which I'm not drooling too much about. Aerosmith grew huge in the mid 70s. As did their egos, and the drug-fog surrounding them - and then the inevitable downward spiral. Amazingly enough, in the late 80s Aerosmith made a powerful come-back. But, let' rock Rocks.

Following the cool Toys in the Attic from the year before, Rocks rocks pretty good, from the kick-starting, bratty "Back in the Saddle". "Rats in the Cellar" and "Sick as a Dog" show the dirty and naughty Aerosmith from their heyday. Joe Perry launch all the cocky guitar riffs he's able to with utter coolness, while Steven Tyler and his vocal strings (and 'rubber' lips) is all over the songs - you can always feel the flutter of his long hair, wild clothing, and skinny limbs.

"Nobody's Fault" starts almost Zeppellin-ish, but it's no "Nobody's Fault But Mine". "Get the Lead Out" is a tough rocker, as is "Kiss and a Promise". And's ballad time, with "Home Tonight" - which is half slick, half all-right. No doubt Rocks rocks, and it still works, being a perfect party album. A loud party with beer, air guitar and head-banging that is. Aerosmith being the poor man's Rolling Stones is a bullshit lie. Hair rock!

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