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flag Germany - Full Moon 120 - 07/11/06

Couch + The Year Of
Mateo checks the Morr jukebox

coverpic Couch
Blinde Zeichen + Gegen Alles Bereit
Morr Music

You can hear "Blinde Zeichen" on Morr's website. Just go inside and go to the releases section. Unlike many previous Couch songs, this one is in Strait 4/4. Couch didn't tend to use too much Electronic drum before either, but this one is filled with it. A very unique sounding electronic bassdrum is really up in the mix. There's an acoustic ride symbol on top, a signiture type move for Morr Music, it's been talked about a million times but I'll say it again: the seamless intergrating of acoustic and electronic, man and machine. Yes Morr Music are a bunch of Cyborgs.

Couch make a neat brand of instrumental Rock. Unlike so many other instrumental guitar bands, the structure of their songs never includes any long and drawn out crescendi or songs that are like 30 minutes long. Couch songs are regular old rock songs, but with a style and personality that are able to forego the necessity for voice.

"Gegen Alles Bereit" is another strait ahead rocker, this time with no electronics. One of my favorite things about Couch is that usually they're the sound of Morr Music without the electronics. Here we have a mid-tempo tune with repeating down-stroked rhythm guitar, a busy bassline, and a guitar-feedback part that holds just the right note for long periods of time, throughout whole phrases and even periods. My favorite part is how the cymbols during the big part towards the end balance so perfectly with that guitar mantra.

coverpic The Year of
Stephen Hawking + There's Something About You
Morr Music

The Year of is B. Fleischmann and Christoph Kurzmann's new project. Some of the songs are heavy on electronics, while others are just guitar songs. "Stephen Hawking" is a strait forward rock song. Mr. Kurzmann sings sad lyrics that take such an honest look at the cruelty of people and the way in which our governments reinforce that behavior. This song, the more I listen to it, really starts sounding like one of the most important statements I've heard made about the state of things right now. Oh and of course no one will buy this fucking record. And I know several people that are hung up on the sound of Kurzmann's voice. Listen to the words. It starts out:

"Next to the new market where the cinema has started to show the latest trendy flick. In the undercrossing an old man has started tossing. He's freezing and he's getting sick. People don't care, they're passing unaware that somebody will die here soon. A few meters further, they spend their coins for somebody who's playing bassoon."

The chorus goes: "Everybody's walking, everybody's talking, but nobody has got a clue. Everybody's thinking that he is Stephen Hawking, but still they don't know what to do. So come on, shut up."

"There's Something About You" is a slow song made for a girl. Kurzmann says "Is it the wine or is it your purfume that makes me feel so near to you? Is it the memory of seeing your cute knee, that makes me want to sit right next to you. Is it your smile that can saves lives that makes me want to kiss your lips. Or is it your eyes that shine so bright that make me want to hold ya. There's something about you, and I never know what happens next. There's something about you that keeps me all the time surprised".

Christoph Kurzmann is a lovely man. His songs with B. Fleischmann on the Humbucking Coil were beautiful earlier this year, and now there's a whole album. Thank you, Thomas Morr.

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