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coverpic flag Denmark - Full Moon 121 - 08/09/06

Late Night Venture
Late Night Venture
Quartermain Records/VME

Danish quartet Late Night Venture have come up with their 2nd album, holding - according to their press-sheet - "dark pop and alluring soundscapes". With "...fascinating synth pieces brutally tored by distorted guitars".

Their debut album gained them an audience in Asia, as well as at home, plus with their Nordic neighbour Finland. This is my first 'touch' with the LNM, and I'm sorry to say I'm not too impressed. Some guitars are quite cool and rough, within the controlled distortion and fuzzy noise. And the band is tight, sounding like a powerful, but tempered unit. It's the synth I can't quite get to. And I just get the feeling of songs not being interesting and strong enough.

Sorry, but not my cup of tea. Denmark still is a lovely country though.

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