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flag England - Full Moon 121 - 08/09/06

Cottage Records

GT is the alias for Graham Hollingsworth. He records very English sounding lo-fi pop. Opener "Far Away" sounds like the Fall remixed by Beck. The deadpan vocal lasts through the album. The remarkable cover of "Imagine" actually succeeds. The utterly distanced vocal is a far cry from John Lennon's impassioned original. The cheap sounding production works too. The album's very minimal in production and approach. I'm not sure if it's been recorded in somebody's basement or if it just sounds like it.

"Sixth" is slow and very much like a Fall song. With its sixteen tracks, this album starts to drag after a while and would have been better if it was shorter. There's still enough talent at work to suggest that you might like it if the genre appeals to you.

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