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flag Sweden - Full Moon 121 - 08/09/06

Christian Falk + Sally Shapiro + Teddybears Stockholm
Mateo's Swedish jukebox

coverpic Christian Falk feat. Robyn and Ola
Dream On

It's hard for me to recommend this any other way than directing you to this amazing video. The words are so hopeful and good. What a dance song.

If you live in Sweden it's likely that you've heard this on the radio. What a hopeful, hopeful sentiment.

coverpic Sally Shapiro
I'll Be By Your Side

A warm sound of being a child in the 1980s. A remeberance of being home-sick and small, but warm out in the sun. Such profound melancholy, but always that hope exists, that assurance from a warm voice: I'll be by your side tonight.

coverpic Teddybears Stockholm
Yours to Keep

... cause I'm yours to keep if you want to.

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