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Explosions in the Sky
Temporary Residence

Explosions in the Sky's new song has one of the strongest melodies I've heard out of them. They're doing so well these days. I was glad to hear it. And they still have kept that great distinctive sound they have. I mean this SOUNDS like Explosions in the Sky, that lovely band Luna kafé has been enamored with before. I'll tell ya if you get a chance to see 'em live, there's nothing like seeing these fellows, who often sit down on the floor while they play, control their volume over such long periods, playing these majestic arching melodies that do seem to reach all the way to the sky. This new song is promising. And it gives me hope that the same State that produced the devil-worshipping Bush family can produce bands like this and the Christian band A Lift to Experience. Odd isn't it.

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