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The Bad Things
Vaudeville show

As you can tell from the title, The Bad Things are a twisted bunch of players. You might assume they know their Brecht from their Brel and they say ten 'ave Tom Waits' each night. The singer calls himself 'Jimmy the Pickpocket' and the rest have equally fancy nicknames. Either you'll know it's for you or hate it.

"Thy Will Be Done" is like an Americana song seen though a prism of gaudy cabaret. "Angel's Disguise" features a musical saw while Jimmy sings of meeting a bewildering girl. "Kill Yourself" is a very merry, very Waitsy song giving spiteful advice to the angel girl of the previous song. "All The clowns Are Now Garbage Collectors" is an ace title for a great song.

The Bad things are a great group and their vaudeville show is most inspired.

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