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Britta Persson
Top Quality Bones and a Little Terrorist
Bonnier Amigo Musik

Britta Persson's curiously titled debut has been a long time coming. She first sprang to prominence as duet partner with Kristofer Åström on his track "The Wild". Since then she's released some demos and EPs. Her proper debut is a restrained, mostly appealing record even if the brilliant song "Defrag My heart" is missing.

"This Spring" sees her typically sweet fashion set to sparse strings and piano. "Low or Wine" has her pondering if the band Low will play some songs from an album she likes in concert. This is juxtaposed against some relationship ponderings. "You Are Not My Boyfriend" is a recent single, it's brief and almost strident. Persson's somewhat low-key approach to singing can be refreshing, but it also makes it harder for her songs to really connect with the listener.

"Bummer Summer" is a slow motion ballad where Åström turns up to duet. It's the most affecting song here. Britta Persson's a talented singer but on this evidence her songs need something that's missing. A spark or some more clarity. It's all very cosy and autumnal but not as moving as I'd wished.

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