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coverpic flag Brazil - Full Moon 124 - 11/05/06

Eliane Elias
Around the City
RCA Victor

Brazil's Eliane Elias has just made her 18th album. Previously mostly known as an instrumentalist, she's started exploring vocals on recent records. This album's modern jazz sound is made up of her own and others songs.

The Santana hit "Oye Como Va" is familiar yet this version has its own lazy appeal. Bob Marley's "Jammin" gets a spacey modern reading that shows off Elias skill at the keyboards. "Segredos" is a perfect late nite jazz laced with tropicalia. Elias fluid vocal plays well off the bakground. Becks's "Tropicalia" is a good song to cover since it pays tribute to the movement that originally inspired Elias. She has made a lovely album that should win her some new fans.

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