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Blinding EP

Okay, all prejudice aside on this one. I have never been into Pete Doherty's escapades, neither The Libertines nor his Babyshambles. All his projects have more or less been in the middle of a hurricane of scandals. Quite a shame, because this 5 song EP took me by surprise.

Blinding EP is really a charmer, and a perfect taste of accurately arrogant brit-rock. The sound is simple, yet classy. And also classic, reminding me of The Only Ones (hail, hail!), especially the track "Love You But You're Green". Doherty snarls in a lazy, cocky way most of the time. The title track is by far the best, but also "Beg, Steal Or Borrow" is a star, with its brilliantly naive guitar intro/line. The laidback and catchy "Sedative" gives the EP a nice final.

This EP makes me want to check out more of Doherty's music, and I wish him a happy rehab. Before it's too late. Shamble on!

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