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Gabrielle Angelique
Dance With The Stars
Harpstone Records/Fairy Tale Records

Gabrielle Angelique is a harpist and singer making ethereal and relaxing music. Her new album sees her tackle her own and others songs with great talent. The title song opens the album, a gently flowing melody underscored by Angelique's singing. "Skye Boat Song" is a neat arrangement of a traditional song. The harp makes a pleasing sound.

It's audacious to cover a Kate Bush song and this version of "Wuthering Heights" works well. Angelique tells Heathcliff and Cathy's story as id she'd written it herself. Many other artists have sung "He Moved through the Fair", but this version is also very poignant and moving. The album ends with Enya's "May It be" and it's a fitting way to close this soothing album. It has what it takes to calm even the most troubled souls.

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