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coverpic flag Iran - Full Moon 127 - 02/02/07

Azam Ali
Elysium for the Brave
Six Degrees Records

Azam Ali has sung with Vas and Niyaz and recorded vocals for numerous film scores and television. She can be heard crooning the intro music for "Prison Break" just now for instance. Her new solo record is a flawless, evocative work.

"Endless Reverie" is as sweeping and cinematic as songs get, the musicians playing at the top of their abilities. "Spring Arrives" is a fusion of the music of the Middle East and modern electronica. "Abode" is a song originally sung by Iranian singer Hayedeh, I've not heard her version but Ali sounds like she does it justice.

"The Tryst" co-written with King Crimson's Trey Gunn sounds remarkably fluid and dark. Ali's vocals are amazingly lovely just as on the other tracks. Elysium for the Brave is a real treasure and a genre blend you can groove to.

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